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Thursday, 04 April 2024 / Published in Printing
Embroidery Print Planet Accra Ghana Print in accra. Cocobod Shirt

The printing industry in Ghana and arount the world offers numerous exciting opportunities for printing business ideas for entrepreneurs and business owners. With advancements in technology and changing consumer preferences, there are various innovative printing business ideas to explore in the city. Whether you’re passionate about graphic design, eco-friendly practices, or serving specific local markets, here are some creative printing business ideas to consider in Accra, and how Print Planet Ghana can support you along the way.

On-Demand Printing Services:

Offer fast and high-quality printing services for small businesses, organizations, and individuals in Accra who need materials like business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, and promotional items. Utilize digital printing technology for cost-effective production and customization options.

Jersey Customizations Print Planet Accra Ghana Print in accra printing business ideas for entrepreneurs

Specialized Printing for Local Industries:

Focus on serving niche markets in Accra by offering specialized printing services tailored to specific local industries or interests. For example, you could create custom labels and packaging for local food and beverage products, personalized invitations and stationery for traditional Ghanaian weddings and events, or branded merchandise for local sports teams and clubs. We expertise in souvenir branding and packaging products and our services makes us an ideal partner for executing your specialized printing projects. Check more out here!

3D Signage Services:

3d Signage Print Planet Accra Ghana Print in accra printing business ideas for entrepreneurs

Meet the growing demand for 3D Signage services by offering prototyping, modeling, and production services to businesses and individuals. Explore applications in industries like healthcare, architecture, engineering, and education. Consider specializing in unique materials or providing design consulting services.

We offer 3D Signage services, let us assist you with high-quality 3D Signage for any marketing collateral. Check more out here!

Paper Bag Print Planet Accra Ghana Print in accra

Eco-Friendly Printing Solutions:

Cater to environmentally conscious customers in Accra by offering sustainable printing solutions that minimize waste and reduce environmental impact. Use recycled paper and eco-friendly inks, and implement energy-efficient printing practices. Offer green certification options for local businesses looking to enhance their sustainability credentials.

We share your commitment to eco-friendly practices and can guide you on incorporating sustainable printing solutions into your business. Check more out here!

Print-On-Demand Merchandise for Local Artists:

Launching an online platform for print-on-demand merchandise is a printing business ideas for entrepreneurs that have being gaining alot of traction over the years, allowing local artists, designers, and content creators in your locality to upload their designs for printing on various products like apparel, accessories, home decor, and novelty items. Partner with print fulfillment services for production and shipping, while focusing on marketing and customer engagement.

Print Planet Ghana’s expertise in t-shirt branding and souvenir printing makes them an ideal partner for your print-on-demand merchandise business.

Large Format Printing for Events and Advertising:

Specialize in large format printing services for businesses and organizations that require banners, signs, trade show displays, vehicle wraps, and outdoor advertising materials. Invest in high-quality printing equipment capable of producing high-resolution graphics and vibrant colors for impactful visual communication.

Educational Printing Materials for Local Schools:

Develop educational printing materials for schools, educators, and homeschooling parents, including textbooks, workbooks, flashcards, and learning aids. Collaborate with local educational experts and curriculum developers to create engaging and informative content aligned with educational standards and learning objectives.

We have extensive printing capabilities and knowledgeable team who can assist you in bringing your educational materials to life.

Souvenirs Metal Pen Engraving Print Planet Accra Ghana Print in accra

Personalized Gifts and Keepsakes for Local Celebrations:

One major printing business ideas for entrepreneurs to leverage on is to create a niche business offering personalized gifts and keepsakes, such as custom photo books, calendars, mugs, and canvas prints. Cater to special occasions and holidays in and around your locality, offering unique and sentimental gifts that resonate with local customers on a personal level.

Emphasize craftsmanship, quality, and attention to detail in your products. Souvenir printing services and design assistance? We can help you create memorable and personalized gifts for your customers.

Mobile Printing Services for Local Events:

Provide mobile printing services catering to events, conferences, and festivals in your town where attendees may require on-site printing solutions. Offer printing of event programs, name badges, signage, and promotional materials, with the flexibility to accommodate last-minute requests and changes.

Our quick turnaround times and expert guidance can be invaluable in supporting your mobile printing services for local events.

Print Consulting and Training for Local Businesses:

Offer consulting services to local businesses seeking guidance on print strategy, design optimization, cost reduction, and process improvement. Provide workshops and seminars on print technology and best practices to help clients maximize their printing projects’ effectiveness. We can collaborate to deliver tailored print consulting and training services.

The printing industry offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs to innovate printing business ideas and stand out. By identifying niche local markets, using new technologies, and prioritizing customer needs, aspiring business owners can carve out a niche in this dynamic industry.

Partner with Print Planet Ghana to leverage their expertise, high-quality printing solutions, and excellent service, propelling your printing business to new heights.

Printing Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs
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Thursday, 15 February 2024 / Published in Printing
where ghana print money Print Planet Ghana

If you would like to know Ghana’s High-Tech Currency Printing Process is employed to produce Ghana’s Banknotes and Coins? Take the time to read on.

Ghana’s Currency Printing Process

The Bank of Ghana Prints New Currency
The Bank of Ghana holds sole authority for printing and circulating currency notes and coins in Ghana. They regulate money supply to support economic growth and stabilize inflation.

According to the Bank, “we print currencies that reflect Ghana’s culture and sovereignty.” Before circulating new banknotes, the Bank subjects them to “a thorough design process with advanced security features.” (1)

Enhanced Security Features Prevent Counterfeiting
Recent upgraded 5, 10, 20 and 50 cedi notes released in 2019 contain modern security elements like watermarks, security threads, see-through registers, iridescent bands, and foil patches (2, 3). These features conform to international industry standards for stopping counterfeit bills.

Specialized Materials and Printing
The printing operation starts by obtaining specialized cotton-paper and ink. High-tech printers then produce the intricate designs featuring portraits of Ghana’s ‘Big Six’ independence leaders.

Balancing Growth and Inflation
When unveiling new coin models in 2022, the Governor affirmed the Bank’s commitment to print more money for economic growth but not recklessly, which could spur inflation (1, 5). This aligns with its mandate to issue currency prudent to risks.

Supply Aligns with Growing Economy
As Ghana’s 2022 GDP reached US$74.26 billion, increasing national incomes and transactions demand calculated currency amounts without causing hyperinflation (7).

In summary,

The Bank of Ghana provides suitably designed and secured currency notes and coins to expand money supply. This controlled expansion of money supply is crucial for powering Ghana’s economic growth goals and facilitating financial transactions across the country. By balancing increased money printing with risks of inflation, the Bank of Ghana plays a pivotal role in monitoring and shaping Ghana’s economic trajectory for long-term prosperity.

  1. Bank of Ghana Profile12.
  2. Citi Newsroom Article3.
  3. Wikipedia Page on Banknotes of the Ghanaian Cedi5.
  4. Reuters Article6.
  5. Bank of Ghana Acts and Regulations7.
  6. Statista GDP Statistics8.

Print Planet do not print Ghana’s High-Tech Currency Printing Process. Check out Print Planet printing services here.. click!

Saturday, 04 March 2023 / Published in Printing
Cloth Paper Tag label Print Planet Ghana

Labels are Everywhere: The Importance of Product Labels… you know those little tags and stickers that come with everything you buy? They might seem like a pain, but they are super helpful! Labels are like your personal detective, giving you all the juicy info you need to know before making a purchase.

Why are Labels so Essential?

Labels are important because they tell you what’s in a product, where it’s from, and how to use it safely. Just like how you read the nutrition facts before diving into a snack or how you check the washing instructions before throwing a new shirt in the machine. Labels also give you important safety warnings, like “do not eat” on your toddler’s toy or “keep away from eyes” on your face cream.

Not only do labels keep us safe, they also help us be eco-friendly and socially responsible. You can look for labels like Energy Star or Fair Trade to make sure you’re buying products that are good for the environment and the people who make them.

Labels and You

Reading labels can be a fun way to learn more about the products you use every day. You can compare products, choose the ones that match your values and beliefs, and even become a label detective by spotting labels that you’ve never seen before!

Type and Shape of Labels around

  • Dry peel labels. …
  • Fold out labels. …
  • Reseal labels. …
  • Expandable reseal booklet. …
  • Specialty die-cut labels. …
  • Tag and board packaging. …
  • Prime labels.

Labels are Everywhere: The Importance of Product Labels can not be over looked so, next time you’re out shopping, take a closer look at those labels. Who knows, you might just discover something new and exciting!

For all your Custom Labels prints; Print Planet offers low cost labels print for any business or products you have to sell, big or small. Click here now to order or call our quick support.

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Monday, 20 February 2023 / Published in Printing

One of the Benefits of Car Branding For Small Businesses, or the practice of displaying company logos, contact information, and other advertising messages on company vehicles, can be an effective marketing strategy for small businesses.

Increased Brand Awareness:

Vehicle branding can increase your brand awareness by reaching a wider audience. Your message can be seen by thousands of potential customers every day as your branded vehicle moves around the city. This can be especially beneficial for small businesses that are just starting and have a limited marketing budget.

Cost-effective Marketing:

Compared to other forms of marketing, car branding can be relatively cheap. Once the branding is applied to the vehicle, it can last for several years, providing long-term exposure for your business. Moreover, it is a one-time cost, which means you don’t need to spend money regularly on advertising.

Professional Image:

Car Branding can give your business a professional image. It shows that you are serious about your work and are willing to invest in marketing. A well-branded car can create a positive impression on potential customers, who may see your business as more credible and trustworthy.

Local Marketing:

By driving around your local area, your branded car can reach potential customers who may not have heard of your business otherwise. This can be especially useful for small businesses that operate in a specific geographical area.

Mobile Advertising:

Your branded car can go anywhere, anytime, and reach a vast audience, including those who may not be familiar with your business. This makes it a highly effective form of advertising, as it can reach a large number of potential customers in a short amount of time.

Vehicle branding can be a powerful marketing tool for small businesses. It can increase brand awareness, create a professional image, target local customers, and provide cost-effective marketing. There is huge Benefits in Car Branding For Small Businesses, gain a competitive edge and reach a wider audience.

Let us help you with your branding today, call us!

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Thursday, 16 February 2023 / Published in Printing
3D signage outdoor printplanet 2

Creating a buzz with 3D signage is a highly effective way to grab the attention of potential customers. This type of signage is becoming increasingly popular as it offers a unique and eye-catching way to display a brand or product. 3D signs can be designed to be large or small, simple or complex, and can be created using a variety of materials including metal, plastic, and wood. Here are a few reasons why 3D signage can be a great solution to create a buzz:

3D Signage Print Planet Ghana

Visual Impact gives Buzz:

3D signs have a strong visual impact that can be seen from a distance, making them ideal for use in busy areas with high foot traffic. The three-dimensional aspect of the sign makes it stand out from normal flat signs and can be effective when illuminated.

Creating Custom Designs:

3D signs can be designed and fabricated to take on a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. This custom designs makes it possible to create a unique sign that perfectly represents your brand or product.

3D Signage Durability:

3D signs are made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the elements and last for many years. This means that you can make an investment in your signage that will continue to generate a return for your business over time.


Although 3D signs can be more expensive than traditional flat signs, they offer a high return on investment. The impact that a well-designed 3D sign can have on a business is well worth the investment, and the durability of the sign means that it will last for many years without needing to be replaced.

Creating a buzz with 3D signage is a highly effective way to grab the attention of potential customers and draw clients to your business. Whether you are looking to promote a new product, generate brand awareness, or simply make a statement, 3D signage is a great solution that can help you achieve your goals.

Let us help you with the buzz on your 3D Signage branding today, call us!

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3d Signage Installed Print Planet Ghana 1
3d Signage Installed Print Planet Ghana 1
3D Signage Print Planet Ghana3D Signage Print Planet Ghana
3D Signage Print Planet Ghana
Saturday, 11 February 2023 / Published in Printing
Paperbags Price Lists PaperBag ad Print Planet Ghana

Depending on the producer and the intended usage, paper bags can be available in a variety of sizes. Here are some common paper bag sizes:

Small Paper bags

These can range in size from 4 x 2.5 x 8 inches to 5 x 3 x 9 inches, and are often used for small products like sweets, toys, or jewelry.

Medium Paper bags

This can range in size from 7.5 x 3.5 x 11 inches to 9 x 5 x 12 inches, which frequently used for products like books, clothing, or modest gifts.

Large Paper bags

This can be as large as 12 x 7 x 17 inches, are perfect for larger products like numerous books, multiple articles of clothes, or larger gifts.

Extra-large Paper bags

These come in sizes ranging from 16 x 12 x 21 inches to 18 x 13 x 24 inches, and are used for heavier products like lots of articles of clothes, larger gifts, or huge retail purchases.

You can keep in mind that these measurements are only meant as a general guide, and that the precise dimensions of paper bags may differ depending on the producer and your intended usage.

Paper bags have a wide range of uses, and the best use for them depends on the specific requirements of the situation. Here are some of the most common and best-case scenarios for using paper bags:

  1. Retail and Grocery Stores
  2. Gift Bags
  3. Food Packaging
  4. Craft Projects
  5. Trash Bags
  6. Party Favors

Paper bags are versatile and eco-friendly for a wide range of applications. And their best use depends on the specific requirements of each situation.

What are the paper bag sizes you are looking for? Contact us via whatsapp or call us today and lets give you a good choice for your business.

Paperbag Print Planet Ghana Habiscus Tea Sobolo bag
Paperbag Print Planet Ghana Habiscus Tea Sobolo bag
Wedding Elegant Paper Bag Medium Sizes from Print Planet Ghana
Wedding Elegant Paper Bag Medium Sizes from Print Planet Ghana
Big and Extra big paper bag from print planet ghana
Big and Extra big paper bag from print planet ghana
Paper bag Medium Size Fante Dokonu Fante Kenke Print Planet Ghana
Paper bag Medium Size Fante Dokonu Fante Kenke Print Planet Ghana
Tuesday, 11 February 2020 / Published in Printing
screen print t-shirt print planet ghana Branded Clothing

Do you know that wearing a branded T-Shirt can win you an identity in the business world?

Branded Clothing can have a big impact on any type of business and boost sales. Any time the business logo and name are put out into the world, the company has a powerful marketing opportunity. Put the business name and logo onto apparel and you can increase brand awareness and promote your business all over town.

Make Branded Clothing to Boost Sales Now

Benefits of branded clothing

It Unites Your Team

Provide employees with branded apparel as a way to unite the team. Matching shirts give everyone a sense of unity. The use of carefully branded apparel will give everyone something in common.

It Inspires Interest in Your Company

Take the time to design eye-catching apparel and the pieces you give out will create an air of interest around town where your company is concerned. Use a catchy phrase or interesting design that will have others asking questions and wondering what the company is all about. Make sure the apparel includes a web page address or phone number so interested parties know how to learn more.

corporate souvenirs and branding Print Planet Ghana
business, identity branding design corporate souvenirs promotional items clothing cup cap pen lighter

It Shares Your Corporate Culture

Your corporate culture is easily demonstrated with the branded clothing that’s used. Polo’s or button down shirts create a more professional air. Tee shirts are casual and fun.
“Baseball caps are cool when employees work outside. Use the right apparel to give employees the proper look”.

It Keeps Your Employees Looking Uniform

Give everyone a uniform look with the right branded clothing. Allowing employees to wear their own clothing to work may result in an atmosphere that’s not very cohesive. When customers to come to the office or store, matching apparel on the employees will make them easier to identify.

It Makes a Great Giveaway

Branded apparel is a giveaway that will get a lot more use. Design a shirt or hat with some flair and customers will be excited to wear the item and spread the word about your company.
However the company chooses to use branded apparel, the benefits of this type of clothing are myriad. Give shirts and hats to employees for use on the job, provide it for casual wear on the weekend, or give it out to your customers. Anywhere your apparel goes, the word about the company will spread as well.

Let us help you with your branding today, call us!

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Tuesday, 25 September 2018 / Published in Printing

The Print Discount Packages is a pretty sweet deal!

Weddings, Startups, Events/Party, Burials Prints. Print Discount Packages carter for clients that are spending on various print items at a discounted cost.

We have created four different Packages with great discount on prints.


Burial Package

The Burial Package cares for the burial events prints and souvenirs  with the following;

A 100 Copies for each item.

1. Booklet(brochure) – 16pages = 700ghc 

2. Invitation (DL Size, one sided) = 70ghc

3. Handkerchief = 350ghc 

4. Table Top Calendar = 500ghc 

5. Design package = 100ghc.

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Startup Package

This package is specifically for new companies and older companies that are considering a re-brand. When starting a company or making a marketing approach you need the best print and the right price.

This helps position your company as a solid brand and also accountable. Don’t spend too much for less. Check out the following list:

– Price update coming soon! –

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Wedding Package

Let’s not break the bank just yet… even though this moment is worth all the money in the world to make it a great day for you and your spouse. This is why we have taken time to give you a discount on this package – call it a gift from us to you.  We have made the wedding package especially blissful and graceful with this specially selected print and souvenir items, check out the following;

– Price update coming soon! –

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Party Package

We also like having fun and celebrating that anniversary, birthdays, graduation ceremonies, awards nights, social or formal Christmas parties or Ramadan Festivals and maybe just sharing love among your cherished individuals. Whatever the moments might be we do not want you to spend more. Checkout our discounted print and gift items.

– Price update coming soon! –

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Monday, 20 August 2018 / Published in Printing

Labels are everywhere and for every product

We cannot do without them. In business your product or service have a name which must be known, and here comes the tag manager to help; Labels! Remember the labels are everywhere and for every product statement we mentioned earlier is true for both manufacturer and service providers.

A label either as a signage or product label is a piece of adhesive or non adhesive paper, plastic film, cloth, metal, or other material affixed to a container or product, on which is written or printed information or symbols about the product or item.

Labels are everywhere and for every product  Print Planet Ghana

We need the Labels

You need a label not only to identify the product but also to distinguished it from other product of that kind. This is where great design and printing comes in to play as you know; first impression last longer. We need a label that will capture the customers eye and call for the product to be pick up and get sold. No more no less. And with great design and print comes more sales.

Type and Shape of Labels around

Type of Labes: We have several label types that are available around for print today.

  • Dry peel labels. …
  • Fold out labels. …
  • Reseal labels. …
  • Expandable reseal booklet. …
  • Specialty die-cut labels. …
  • Tag and board packaging. …
  • Prime labels.

Shape and Size:

Labels comes in several different shapes and sizes. Getting the right shape depends on the feel and product you have and getting the right size not only depends on the size of the container but the information you are adding to the label design.

For all your Custom Labels prints; Print Planet offers low cost labels print for any business or products you have to sell, big or small. Click here now to order or call our quick support.

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Monday, 04 June 2018 / Published in Printing

FLYERS – The Attention Seeker of all time.

Yes! It likes making it self know where ever it is found.  So make a design that is worth looking at.

Are you setting up a new business, organizing an event or looking for new customers, you are going to need a flyer. One that is striking enough to be picked up and looked at by your target market.
A Flyer is a marketing material and it’s primary purpose is to attract attention, inform and convert your potential client to regular client and increase sales. Flyers are tangible in nature and the most cost effective means of advertising.


Flyers are cheap

The cost of marketing is a huge deal for small scale businesses and even larger companies tend to keep an eye on cost. When you compare the cost of printing a flier to other forms of printed advertising, it is cheaper.

Easy to distribute!

With the small form factor and the sizes at which various flyer designs comes in, it helps to distribute easily and in turn saving on labour cost as well.

Reaching the right market!

For many businesses, ideal customers live nearby or in areas of town, imagine if every single household, stores or people within a four-mile receives a flyer about your business, this create a great targeting network for you.

Creativity in target approach

Allows for immense amount of creativity and variety marketing. With flyers, the opportunities for creativity are endless! You can try different shapes, sizes, colours, and any printable ideas you can think of.

Dispense Information clearly

Easy means to inform the reader, you can include important information that not only interest the reader but also persuasive. Use this tool to sell your business, product and establish reliability.

Now lets talk about a deal on your next flyer print!
Order or call for 500 or more flyer print and will give you a 10% Discount now till the end of JUNE.
Get amazing designs (free) at the best printing cost. CLICK HERE NOW!

You can also check out other flyer designs, templates and ideas HERE.

FLYERS - The Attention Seeker Print Planet Ghana Images flyers

FLYERS - The Attention Seeker Print Planet Ghana Images flyers

FLYERS - The Attention Seeker Print Planet Ghana Images flyers