Tuesday, 11 February 2020 / Published in Printing
Do you know that wearing a branded T-Shirt can win you an identity in the business world? Branded apparel can have a big impact on any type of business. Any time the business logo and name are put out into the world, the company has a powerful marketing opportunity. Put the business name and logo onto
Tuesday, 25 September 2018 / Published in Printing
The Print Discount Packages is a pretty sweet deal! Weddings, Startups, Events/Party, Burials Prints. Print Discount Packages carter for clients that are spending on various print items at a discounted cost. We have created four different Packages with great discount on prints. PRINT DISCOUNT PACKAGES Burial Package The Burial Package cares for the burial events
Monday, 20 August 2018 / Published in Printing
Labels are everywhere and for every product We cannot do without them. In business your product or service have a name which must be known, and here comes the tag manager to help; Labels! Remember the labels are everywhere and for every product statement we mentioned earlier is true for both manufacturer and service providers.
Monday, 04 June 2018 / Published in Printing
FLYERS - The Attention Seeker
FLYERS – The Attention Seeker of all time. Yes! It likes making it self know where ever it is found.  So make a design that is worth looking at. Are you setting up a new business, organizing an event or looking for new customers, you are going to need a flyer. One that is striking
Wednesday, 30 May 2018 / Published in Printing
The statement Paper Bags are whats new now, is so true and you need to believe it. Paper bags are the new ways to make a statement with your brand packaging. It is making a fashion statement for everyone and almost everywhere, even in the corporate business as well. You can use at the malls,
Monday, 14 May 2018 / Published in Printing
hire_designer artrixs
WHO IS A GRAPHIC DESIGNER? Most people see them as superheros with shapes and colors, others just believe they are aliens from another planet bent on taking over the visual world. If you are one of these people that believe these concepts  you are a bit right on another level. A graphic designer job and duties
Monday, 07 May 2018 / Published in Printing
You have an idea for a business, the company is registered and you are putting up a business proposal, at this point you need a brochure for your business or idea. You should see it as your physical websites, where people can know and understand a lot about your products or services to whomever has
Wednesday, 02 May 2018 / Published in Printing
callcards print planet ghana
Your first impression is important. business cards create important impression, it provide tangible information for others to know you and your business. Your business card is a physical object that potential clients can take with them which keeps you or your brand from just being a name that floats around in the ether. You need a business card
Tuesday, 24 April 2018 / Published in Printing
Focus on Banner Stands, PULL UP BANNERS, X Banners, Promotional Materials for Business Banner Stands (Pull up or X-banner) is one of our ideal exhibit result as anyone can convene them easily and transport them in one of our lightweight suitcase, solely pull up the retractable graphic from the case. Is the ideal movable result
Wednesday, 21 June 2017 / Published in Printing
Digital Printing The greatest difference between digital printing and traditional methods such as lithography, flexography, gravure, or letterpress is that there is no need to replace printing plates in digital printing, whereas in analog printing the plates are repeatedly replaced. This results in quicker turnaround time and lower cost when using digital printing, but typically a loss of some fine-image detail by
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